Why should you be part of the ‘JP Adviseur’, the business loan referral program from JP Finance?

We know you are an advisor but are you an ‘Adviseur’ yet?

JP finance is one of the most trusted private finance companies in Chennai. A private finance company that maintains transparency in all its transactions, upholds the trust of the clients in the company and provides the best, accurate and hassle-free business finance solutions in the market. 

JP finance has recently launched the business loan referral program aka ‘JP Adviseur’. We call our referral partners ‘Adviseurs’, meaning advisors in ‘Dutch’. 

Why this fancy name? well, the name is not fancy, nor is it just the title given. Advisors or ‘Adviseurs’ play a key role in our business. We at JP Finance specialize in unsecured business loans for enterprises and businesses that wish to grow and evolve into something more. 

In almost any industry, referrals are the gold standard of client acquisition. Studies have conclusively shown that leads close faster when referred by a friend, family member or a referral partner— all with significantly minimal effort.

What’s interesting is that in today’s dynamic world empowered by technology, everyone is an influencer.  Most people watch a movie, buy a new phone, choose educational institutions and also visit doctors and hospitals based on the opinions and reviews of anonymous people. When it comes to business loans, the pressure is that much more as it involves a hefty sum of money and the future of the enterprise. 

As Adviseurs, our referral partners will be in a position to educate our prospective clients about JP Finance, help clients understand more about our unsecured business loans and expedite the decision-making process for our prospects. Our referral partners are not just incentivized freelancers or consultants, they are the brand ambassador of JP Finance.

This program aims to use referral partners – ‘Adviseurs’ to increase awareness about JP Finance and improve business opportunities. Not just that, JP Finance also offers attractive incentives to its referral partners upon successful loan disbursals. 

In today’s chaotic, noisy marketplace where we’re constantly subject to blatant marketing messages, poorly disguised “native advertising,” and unapologetic brand soap boxing, a referral from a trusted source goes a long way in providing an accurate and detailed opinion, addresses the concerns of the prospect and educates them about the product/service and the organization which builds great trust especially if it is related to finance and business loans.

Why many referral programs fail is because many businesses think that referrals should happen organically. That is a short-lived possibility. Any individual works to earn, be it facilitation, referrals, promotion or any other activity. At JP Finance, we offer attractive cash incentives which will keep our Adviseurs motivated to help as many entrepreneurs and businesses grow. To ensure a genuine and valuable referral activity, we have a stringent code of conduct for our referral partners which will guide our Adviseurs to function with the highest standards and ethics.

Anyone can become a JP Adviseur by simply filling out a form on our website and providing essential documents followed by a thorough background check. There is no fee to become an Adviseur. The JP Adviseur program is adequately incentivized, with attractive referral fees upon every successful closure. The referral fees are paid out in a timely fashion as soon as the business loan is approved and disbursed to the client. 

Being an Adviseur allows you to earn a little extra, build a strong network in the business market and drive the economy in a positive direction by helping businesses grow and prosper.

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