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JP Adviseur- your chance to make a difference!

For you and someone else too!

No good deed goes unrewarded. Here is your chance to be more than what you are. To earn more than what you are earning and to help businesses really grow.

Who is a JP Adviseur?

Referral partners are symbiotic business partners that facilitate customers’ access to a company’s products and services by recommending them to others. They can help generate fresh business opportunities through referrals and urge customers to promote a beneficial bank or credit programme to their friends, colleagues, and family members, as well as assisting others in making crucial and difficult decisions with trust.

To Refer and Earn More, Join Our Business Loan Referral Program

    The role of JP Adviseur in business loan referral program

    In exchange for incentives, JP Finance’s Referral partners ‘JP Adviseurs’ bring new business opportunities to the Company. ‘JP Adviseurs’ will receive attractive incentives in the form of a referral fee which is either a percentage or a predetermined amount once the business loan is approved.

    What can JP Adviseurs really do?

    Partnering with referral sources is important since word-of-mouth publicity is the most effective and most likely to translate into successful business transactions.  By allowing our clients and others who value our services and products to become referral partners, we realize we can impact a large number of people with our products and our hallmark trustworthy services.

    Most often, we believe our friends, relatives, financial advisors, consultants, and acquaintances almost as much as we like marketing and branding, and this is a fundamental reality. Suggestions, testimonials, reviews, social media buzz, and, most crucially, referrals have the most impact on us. This is why we carefully select our referral partners and regard them as vital assets to our firm.

    JP Finance offers Private Finance in Chennai, such as Short term Business Loan, to help businesses grow and flourish to their maximum potential. We concentrate on making business loans readily attainable and enabling the lending process to be more convenient.

    The role of an Adviseur is to help businesses choose the right financial solution which can help the business grow and evolve to meet the market demands and stay relevant in the competition. As a ‘JP Adviseur’ you will be in a position to advise and influence entrepreneurs to choose a hassle free and quickly approved unsecured business loans from JP Finance.

    This allows the business owners to access the required financial support and take the appropriate steps empower ad expand their businesses.

    The role of a ‘JP Adviseur’ is not just important to JP Finance, ‘JP Adviseurs’ will be contributing in a big way to drive the country’s economy in a positive direction by helping businesses grow, thereby creating business opportunities as well as economic stability in the region.

    They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. You will the first step to many businesses on the journey to success.

    What does every ‘JP Adviseur’ get out of the program?

    Being a ‘JP Adviseur’ gives you the opportunity to earn a little extra beyond your regular income.


    Referral Fee: At JP Finance, all our Adviseurs are well rewarded. For every client’s successful Business loan disbursal, our Adviseurs earn a referral fee.

    On-time Payments: Our referral fee payouts are very prompt and timely in accordance with the JP Adviseur agreement.

    No Joining fees: There is no fee required to become a JP Adviseur

    1. How can you become a ‘JP Adviseur’?

    The only eligibility criteria you need to meet to become a ‘JP Adviseur’ is to be an Indian Citizen over the age of 21. Firstly, you will have to create an account on our website or app with your photograph and other vital credentials through a minimal documentation process and easy application process.

    Details Required:

    Agency Name / Applicant Name Aadhaar Number
    PAN Number Contact Information ( Phone & Email)
    Permanent Address Bank Account Information


    By choosing to agree to the terms and conditions of our agreement, you will be recognized as a ‘JP Adviseur’ when the credentials are verified and your account is approved.

    1. Responsibilities of a ‘JP Adviseur’

    As a loan referral partner, your obligations and responsibilities will include providing high-quality customer referrals with appropriate documentation and prompt filing of information. Referrals should meet the eligibility criteria set by JP Finance and provide confirmation of the client’s consent and approval to apply for a loan. In addition, you must follow JP Finance’s Code of Conduct. Refer to our Code of Conduct page for more information.


    Why should you be a ‘JP Adviseur’?

    Becoming a part of the loan referral partner program with JP Finance is a synergistic relationship with several reciprocal benefits for both parties. You get to make a difference and gain attractive incentives along the way.

    Who can be a JP Adviseur?

    • Auditors
    • Chartered Accountants
    • Financial Advisors
    • Company Secretaries
    • Financial Managers
    • Accountant
    • Business Consultant
    • Realtors
    • Loan Advisor
    • Loan Account Manager
    • Finance Agent
    • LIC Agents
    • Custom Agent/Broker
    • Commission Agent

    Why be a JP Adviseur?

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    No Commitments

    Work at your pace & space
    Everything depends on what you put in.

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    100% Privacy

    All time confidentiality of JPA’s & clients maintained.

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    Financial Freedom

    Extra is great! And extra money is a gateway to meet and enjoy things or aspire dreams.

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    Prompt & Continuous Income

    Benefits of JPA is exponential your income grows with your client list and we honor our payment commitments on time.

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    Lifetime Association

    Once with us, always with you. We believe in long term relationships.

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    No upfront charges

    A completely transparent program. There are no upfront charges for any referrals.

    Simple Business Loan Referral Process

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    Register & become a JP Adviseur

    The Adviseur, JP’s business loan referral program is simply an opportunity to empower enterprises and help them grow and, in the process, make some money for yourself.

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    Share your references

    The referral process is very simple. Register yourself with us and become a JP Adviseur. Share the information about the referral program among your contacts and help us identify potential businesses with potential to grow. Refer businesses and business owners who need business loans.

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    Loan disbursal to your referrals

    When the loans are successfully disbursed to your referrals, you will be rewarded with attractive cash incentives.

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    Enjoy your Incentives instantly

    This is your chance to extend your help businesses thrive & make money while building and strengthening relationships.



    It was helpful to have someone like you who has had experience with similar issues which I was facing for a long time




    We came out of their offices very happy with their service. They treated us very kindly.


    Chartered Accountant

    Mr. Moses Alphonse

    When it came to getting his business up and running, Mr. Moses Alphonse put his trust in JP Finance.

    Mr. Moses Alphonse

    LIC Agent


    JP Finance response rate is really fast plus the best part is that you don’t have to pay any upfront fees to wait for your payment.


    Account Executive

    Varsha Rajagopal

    Because they love what they do and in the end make sure you get your funds no matter what

    Varsha Rajagopal

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