JP Finance Business Loan Solution for Shipping and Logistics Companies.

The Shipping and Logistics Industry is one of the biggest and the most important services globally contributing to up to 12% of the global GDP. In India, the Shipping and Logistics Industry is enormous and is estimated to hit the $350-380 billion mark by 2025.

The sector deals with everything from customer service, inventory management, flow of information, order processing, warehousing, material handling, purchasing, packaging, delivery logistics, information dissemination and maintenance. This industry plays an important role in efficient and cost-effective flow of goods across the country and overseas. Today, Shipping and Logistics industry is the backbone of the nation’s economy with significant contributions.

For an industry that plays such an important role in the economy, the Shipping and Logistics Industry is evolving rapidly to ensure quick, efficient and seamless transport of goods across India and worldwide. In such a dynamic and fast-growing industry, entrepreneurs need access to funds on the go to update technologies and upgrade fleets and improve workforce which is a key factor to being successful.

What can JP Finance do for you?

JP Finance is one of the most trusted private finance companies based in Chennai. JP Finance provides private finance solutions for all your business needs. JP Finance is all about helping businesses grow to their full potential and achieve great success.

We specialize exclusively in providing easy and hassle-free unsecured business loans for Shipping & Logistics companies to evolve, expand and explore opportunities for success.

Warehousing loans:

If you are looking to set up warehouses and storage facilities, JP Finance is your best bet. Choose our unsecured business loans and empower your warehouses and storage facilities with the best-in-class facilities, amenities and technology.   

Fleet loans

Our fleet loans from JP Finance are available for logistic solutions like trucks, trailers, tankers, tippers etc. Our private finance options are structured to maximize your cash flow, with attractive interest rates and flexibility to get more out of your fleet investment and reduce costs. We also provide finance for fully built vehicles, chassis, body building, road tax, registration and insurance too to improve your freight and logistics services. You can benefit from increased operating capital and available credit to use for other business purposes.

Container loans:

Containers play a very important role in the logistics and overseas shipping. India’s container manufacturing industry is in its infancy as of today. Hence many Indian manufacturers are stepping up to create the supply to meet the rising demand. You can now set up facilities to manufacture containers or acquire containers by buying or on rental basis with our hassle-free loans.

Why JP Finance?

  • Unsecured: no collateral needed
  • Hassle-free experience: easy to apply and minimum documentation
  • Competitive edge: lower interest rates
  • Fast Finance: quick disbursal of loans
  • Straightforward costs: no hidden fees
  • Our loans also come with flexible repayment options. These features make JP Finance the best choice for your business financial needs.
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