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    Private Finance for Business

    JP Finance is a highly trusted Private Finance Company in Chennai. JP Finance’s unsecured business loan is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your business.

    The Indian economy has experienced a remarkable turnaround in recent years with a surge in the number of businesses in the country. Scaling up business goes t needs financial inflow at the right time. The problem encountered by most entrepreneurs in India is access to funds.

    A private business loan is an alternative loan issued by a non-banking lender. Private funders can provide the ease, flexibility and reliability that businesses need in ways that banks rarely do. Many entrepreneurs are unable to fully use bank loan facilities because, in most cases, these businesses are not eligible to get the required bank loan. The reasons may vary, but some of the key factors are lack of collateral, credit history, high-interest rates, etc. In cases where the entrepreneurs have no collateral or have a low CIBIL score or are worried about the hidden charges and interest rates which are quite steep for small businesses, the easiest and the perfect way to raise funds for your business is Private Finance.

    Known for their quick and practical resolutions to overcome financial hurdles in business, JP Finance offers a range of private finance options best suited for businesses of small, medium or large scale.

    private Finance for business

    Benefits in JP Finance for Private Finance

    • Full Transparency with Clients
    • Process with 48 Hours
    • No Upfront Charges
    • Flexible Repayment Options
    • Collateral Free


    • Manufacturers
    • Retailers
    • Spinning Mills
    • Builders
    • Industrialists and Traders
    • C & F Agent for Airlines & Shipping
    • Importers & Exporters
    • Distributors
    • Transporters


    Quick Private Finance Process

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    Documents Required for Private Finance

    • 1 year Bank Statements
    • Last 2 yrs ITR
    • Last 6 months GST Returns
    • Statement of CC/OD/PC
    • Company KYC
    • Propertier KYC/ Director KYC/ Partner KYC
    • Last 6 months Stability Proof
    For not eligible customer just enquire our cheque based loan

    Private Finance Interest Rate Calculator

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