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The number of companies taking root in Chennai due to the city’s appealing characteristics is truly enormous. This has led to an increase in demand for finances making it the catalytic factor in amplifying the necessity for loans. While avenues like banks, NBFCs, and other financing institutions are decent options, it is undeniable that private finance companies have been the key factor in providing the best business finance solutions.

Private Business Loans

A private business loan is any type of business financing provided by a private entity or lender, as opposed to a traditional bank or NBFC. Private finance companies, being the best alternative lender, provide secure collateral-free loans with quick and easy access to capital, only requiring minimal documents while ensuring flexibility in the use of funds.

Business Turnover

Business turnover is the total amount of money the business receives from the sale of goods and services. Turnover is calculated over a specific period, usually a monthly, quarterly or financial year, only considering income generated through the trading activities. The minimum eligibility to avail the unsecured business loans from JP Finance is 25L/Month.

1 Crore to 10 Crore Business Loans

Banks and NBFCs require high business turnover with collateral to acquire loans of such a high calibre, with the verification process taking a long time. Private finance companies provide 1 crore to 10 crore business loans quickly, only considering the business turnover without any collateral involved, making it incredibly easy to acquire finances to grow your business. One such private financing company that has established itself as the best and most trustworthy in the industry is JP Finance, with its collateral-free and expedited business loans. JP finance provides up to 10 crore business loans to businesses that meet the eligibility criteria.

JP Business Loan

JP Finance is one of the most trusted private finance companies for business in Chennai, known for its quick and practical solutions to overcome financial hurdles in business. JP finance provides business loans at low-interest rates, with zero hidden costs and flexible repayment options.

The loan application process for obtaining up to 10 crores of business loans:

Check Eligibility Criteria:

•           The business must have a monthly turnover of 25L.

•           An operational business of a minimum of 3 years from the time of establishment.

•           Proper GST declaration for 6 to 12 months is essential.

•           Immaculate repayment history of EMIs and Loans is checked to ensure transparency.

Meeting the eligibility criteria is mandatory for the smooth transaction of loans. JP Finance ensures fast eligibility checks, done within a 30-minute timeframe.

Minimal Documentation Required:

JP Finance takes the minimal documentation route providing a fast and hassle-free process for entrepreneurs. All information is kept confidential, with the process ensuring complete safety. The documents required are

•           Identity Proof

•           Address Proof

•           Financial Documents

•           Business Ownership Proof

Quick Loan Dispersals:

A fair assessment is conducted during the verification process. Upon completion of the process, JP Finance provides instant approval and disbursal within 48 hours of loan approval.

Flexible Repayment:

JP Finance provides a flexible repayment option with repayments starting from 30 days. Customers can choose a convenient mode of repayment including weekly, monthly, or bimonthly options.

The loan application process is easy and can be carried out from anywhere, including the comfort of your home or office.

JP Finance offers a surefire way to grow your business in the quickest, most hassle-free way possible in a dynamic business environment. The goal of JP Finance is to help you grow your business and fulfil your every dream. Grow your business today with JP Finance as your success partner.

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