How to get GST based business loan from JP Finance?

 ‘GST business loans’ or ’GST loans’ are unsecured loan solutions provided based on the GST returns or GST value. A GST Based Business Loan is a loan sanctioned based on the total value of GST paid or the total value of GST, which can help the lender determine the risk, due diligence and assess the potential of the borrower.

These loans have been designed to quickly address the financial requirement of entrepreneurs, with GST as the primary criteria for assessment. This allows for successful, growing entrepreneurs who do not have any collateral or are otherwise not eligible for a loan from the bank to apply for instant financial support to upgrade or expand their existing businesses.

JP finance has always put the needs of our clients at the helm and aims to provide the most appropriate financial solution to scale up, expand or upgrade their businesses. One of the many products that JP Finance provides is the GST Based Business Loans. A trusted private finance company in Chennai, JP Finance offers unsecured loan of up to 10 crores based on the GST.

Why is it beneficial to businesses?

Collateral Free:

The GST based Loans from JP Finance are unsecured business loans i.e., collateral-free business loans. This means that any business owner with a GST number and a minimum monthly turnover of 25 Lakhs and more can get business loans without having to pledge any form of collateral.

Instant Disbursal:

One of the biggest advantages of GST Based Business Loans from JP Finance is the disbursal time. JP Finance values every minute of our clientele and our goal is to make business loans more accessible and hassle-free. Once the borrower meets the basic eligibility criteria and the loan application is approved, the maximum disbursal time is less than 48 Hrs.

Keep Control of Your Enterprise:

JP Finance allows you to keep complete control of your business. Also the instant cash disbursal provides the much-needed finance which can be accessed at any time, allowing you to control the growth, expansion and the investments of your business.

Multi-Purpose Loan:

Another key aspect of JP Finance’s GST Based Business Loans is that these loans are multi-purpose loans which can be used for any purpose that you see fit for your business with no stipulations or conditions to limit the use of these loans.

Who stands to benefit the most from a GST business loan from JP?

True to its name the GST based loans from JP Finance are only for business purposes and any enterprise can get Business Loans Based on GST, however, the only prerequisite is that the enterprise or the business owner must meet the minimum eligibility criteria. For more information, refer to our website.

How to apply for the GST Based Business Loans from JP Finance?

The application process is extremely simple and hassle-free, which can be accessed from the comfort of your homes and offices. The application process involves just 4 simple steps:

  • Apply for the loan on our website
  • Check for eligibility
  • Submit the GST number and documents (minimal documentation required)
  • Receive the loan amount.


Several financial institutions in the country offer business loans, but many businesses are unsuccessful in obtaining a loan because of inadequate documentation, and unavailable collateral, among other reasons. This is precisely where JP Finance comes in. The application process is simple with minimum documentation and disbursal within 48 hrs. The GST business loan From JP Finance allows you to spread your wings, establish, empower and expand your enterprise to its full potential.

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