Why should you choose private financing for your business Expansion and Growth?

The Indian Economy has experienced a noteworthy turnaround in the recent years. Growth has rebounded, inflation has come under control, and the budget and trade deficits have narrowed to a greater extent. There has also been a growth in the number of businesses within the country. Factors like technology, favorable business environments, demand for products and services have greatly influenced the market conditions. Given the conditions, the possibilities and opportunities for new and unique businesses have increased drastically. Though India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the bigger issue at hand is the availability of investment or financing solution for your business needs. The increase in the number of companies has led to an increased.

 The problem:

Scaling up business goes beyond passion, idea and the ability of execution; it needs financial inflow at the right time. The problem encountered by most entrepreneurs in India is the access to funds. While banks and financial institutions are providing loans for this purpose, businesses are unable to make full use of these funds because in most cases these businesses are not eligible to get the required bank loan. The reasons may vary but some of the key factors are lack of collateral, credit history, high interest rates etc.

The solution:

In cases where the entrepreneurs have no collateral or have a low CIBIL score or are worried about the hidden charges and interest rates which are quite steep for the small businesses, the easiest and the perfect way to raise funds for your business is Private Finance.

Known for their quick and practical resolutions to overcome financial hurdles in business, JP Finance offers a range of private finance options best suited for businesses of small, medium or large scale. JP Finance is one of the most trusted Private Finance Company in Chennai. JP Finance’s unsecured business loan is one of the best decisions you’ll make for your business.

Private financing is known to be one of the best options available for businesses to raise funds. Also, this option is relatively risk free and definitely reliable when you consider private financing for your business from JP Finance.

Private finance can be availed without the need to pledge any collateral. The interest rates on these loans maybe slightly higher than the banks or other financial institutions but that is only because these loans are given without any collateral. The biggest differentiator which makes private finance the better option for your business is the turnaround time of the loan from the time of application to the time of disbursal. In case of JP Finance, the turnaround time is just 48 hrs. This is possible because of 2 important aspects;

The eligibility criteria; JP Finance’s eligibility criteria check is very easy and it an be done by borrower from the comfort of home or office. Normally this procedure is quite extensive and time taking with banks and other financial institutions.

The documentation required for availing unsecured business loans from JP Finance is also very minimal. This saves a lot of time of both the borrower and JP Finance.

The Unsecured private finance can be availed even if there is bad credit history or less than required CIBIL score. What is more important is that these unsecured loans come with flexible repayment options and with no hidden or additional charges be it processing or foreclosure etc.

Isn’t that what a business needs exactly? Loans that are easy to avail, instantly processed and quickly disbursed to help grow and scale your business just the way you want. JP Finance has a range of financial options to choose from like their Unsecured Business Loans, Industrial Machinery Loans, Cheque-Based Loans, Small Business Loans, Private Finance, Loan Against Property and Professional Loan. If you are looking to grow your business or in need of immediate funds for your business, contact JP Finance now. 

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